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January 2, 2018

Skraps ICO: What is Micro-Investing?

Micro-investing is a new form of investing that has only recently sprung out of the fintech sector. The way micro-investing works is you link your bank cards up with your micro-investing app so that every time you spend money, the app automatically rounds up your purchase to the nearest dollar and then takes that small amount and puts it into a pre-agreed diversified investment portfolio for you on your behalf.

This process is fully automated and thus allows individuals with little financial markets knowledge, as well as those who can only afford to put small amounts of money aside for investing, to become investors. Moreover, due to the power of compounding interest, the [...]

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October 4, 2015

Review of Hantec Markets Limited

Hantec Markets Review – Check Ratings and feel free to share/submit your experience 

Hantec Markets Limited provides real time quotes of global financial information to it’s using via its web trading platform and has formulated a very effective strategy to become one of the top rated ForEx platforms in the world.

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Hantec provides a great amount of educational software on topics such as:

Learning all there is to know about MetaTrader 4, their web platform. Expert Advisors providing advice to users based around multiple different levels of trading volume and experience. eBooks for beginners to tear [...]
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February 15, 2015

Exness Review – Best Asian Broker

Exness Review – Best Asian Broker

Instant and market execution are both offered by Exness trading accounts. Instant execution is especially convenient for traders who wish to evade the slippage that characterizes some highly volatile market periods. The conflict of interest on Exness is limited on the spread. This is due to aggregation of prices quotes from liquidity providers and critical analysis of the positions open on their existing client base before the ask price is determined. This allows Exness to offer clients low spreads with minimum requotes.

The model used by Exness is unlike what other conventional brokers offer. The ECN model (which is the market [...]

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November 17, 2014

FXCM Review – Good or Bad? Submit Your Ratings

FXCM Review

FXCM also offers self-education materials which include market research info and news for free, sessions with an instructor live, educational videos and online trading support. FXCM has international offices in several major cities to increase its accessibility across the globe. These include, Hong Kong, Greece, Japan, Australia and Germany. FXCM guarantees the trader of protection. They adhere to the industry’s regulations and standards.

FXCM boasts of numerous awards it has bagged over the years such as Best Retail Broker North America in the year 2013 from Global Financial Market Review and several others on customer service and client satisfaction. All these [...]

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